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Signs of the time.jpg
Painting of common signs seen before and during the lockdowns: "WELCOME To Ogunquit", "Stay Healthy Stay Home", "Marginal Way CLOSED", "ALL Beaches Closed", Perkins Cove CLOSED".

Not a Ftprint 20302.jpeg
Painting of the empty Ogunquit Beach with a barrier that reads 'Police Line... Do Not Cross" above unoccupied benches.

Beach Closed 20306.jpeg
Painting of police cars blocking the entrance to the Ogunquit Beach.

A sign at the Ogunquit Beach with the text "Please wear a mask".

A sign at the Ogunquit Beach warning about potential thunderstorms and unseasonably hot temperature (92F).

A sign mandating 12ft of distance at the Ogunquit Beach.
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