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The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time in our world and local community. The lives of individuals, businesses, and organizations are being turned upside down.

Ogunquit Memorial Library's COVID-19 Archive aims to give our community members a way to share their experiences of this period. How has your life been changed? Are you finding anything particularly difficult? What are some of the positive new aspects of your life during the lockdown? And do you find anything just plain odd?

This online archive is a way for Ogunquit to tell its pandemic story. Whether it is a written account of your experience or a photo of our town, the Ogunquit Memorial Library COVID-19 Archive will collect your submissions for future reflection and historical research. We welcome the following types of contributions: 

  • Text - your thoughts and feelings, recent experiences, stories, poems, journal entries;
  • Image - your photographs, scans or photos of your art;
  • Oral History - your recorded voice interviews with other community members;
  • Video - videos from your phone, short film, animation;
  • Sound recording - a voice recording of your experiences, a song you wrote, a sound diary.

If you have any questions or need technical help with submitting your contribution, please email archives@ogunquitlibrary.com or call us at 207-646-9024.

Ogunquit Memorial Library’s COVID-19 Archive is part of the COVID-19 Community Archives project, a collaborative, statewide initiative to document life in Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project’s Omeka sites are partially funded by the Maine State Library.