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Need inspiration?

Here are some of the topics you may wish to explore in your contribution:

  • How has your daily routine changed during the pandemic?
  • Are you missing your normal social interactions? Have you found new ways to connect with family and friends?
  • What do you think you’ll remember the most from this time?
  • Have you found a new hobby or interest?
  • Has your work life been affected?
  • Are you or anyone you know an essential worker? What is that like?
  • Has Ogunquit changed? How do you feel about it?
  • What do you look forward to the most when the pandemic is over?
  • Does anything make you particularly anxious or unhappy?
  • Does the world around you look different?

Anything that comes to your mind and shows our community’s experience of COVID-19 will be a valuable resource to future historians. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!