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A hand-painted sign that reads: "We isolate now so when we gather again NO ONE IS missing."

Photograph of shops on Main Street

Patrick, who lives on Highland Ave, is all about spreading goodwill and happiness to his neighbors. This year he went all out in decorating for July 4th. Every inch of his amazing front yard was covered with red, white, and blue. The flags, the…

Thou Shalt Not !283.jpg
Painting showing the Ogunquit Baptist Church with the empty parking lot closed by a barrier and police tape ("Police Line Do Not Cross"). The old signs read "Church Parking ONLY" and list the dates of Sunday, Palm Sunday, and Easter services.

Signs of the time.jpg
Painting of common signs seen before and during the lockdowns: "WELCOME To Ogunquit", "Stay Healthy Stay Home", "Marginal Way CLOSED", "ALL Beaches Closed", Perkins Cove CLOSED".

PC Closed Understand 284.jpg
Painting depicting the empty, closed Perkins Cove from above.

Dusty's Crit by Zoom290.jpg
Painting of a computer screen showing a Zoom meeting. The artist now takes part in an art critique group with Dustan Knight twice a week on Zoom.

6' separation282.jpeg
Painting of a street seen from above, with people walking at least 6ft apart from each other.

5 Shoppers GH280.jpeg
Painting of the Golden Harvest store in Kittery with a socially-distanced line of people outside, all wearing face masks.

Spr Flowr Soc Dist 20299.jpeg
Painting of a garden with flowers growing far apart and a person wearing a face mask looking out of the window.
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